I’m Letizia Costantini, President of the Italian language school in Mondavio. I graduated in Pedagogy at the University of Urbino and I have taught in the public schools for many years. My love for Italian language and culture has brought me to my work at the Dante Alighieri School and in the courses we organize for foreign students. In this work I am supported by some ‘’shady’’ characters, that you can see, in other words, some incredible colleagues!


Hello! I’m Annamara but everyone calls me Mara. I’m director of language courses here in Mondavio. I graduaged in Foreign Languages and Literature and for years I have taught in the public school system. Working at the  school has always been a true passion and I can say that I have friends all over the world. What do I like? I have a great passion for animals and I am always interested in the newest technology.


I’m Matteo. I graduated from University of Bologna with a degree in Italian linguistics. I teach Italian in a public school and I also teach Italian to foreigners, who come to Italy to learn or improve their Italian. For these reasons I obtained a Master’s in Teaching Italian L2 at the University of Urbino. I have been a member of the teaching staff at the  School in Mondavio for many years. I love theater and literature, passions that I often include in my teaching of Italian.


Hi, I’m Elena. After graduating in Sociology I got my Doctorate in Communications Science. I have taught at the  School in Mondavio for many years and I have my DITALS certification. I also teach in a public school. I’m an inquisitive person, I love to travel and meet people. That’s why I love my job!


Hi, I’m Marco. After graduating in Philosophy, I attended the University of Urbino to obtain my Master’s of Arts in Teaching Italian L2 and received my DITALS. I also work work in a public school and for many years I have worked at the School. My greatest passion is travel, even if it’s not always possible. Thus, I teach Italian and travel the world even while staying close to home.


Hi everyone! I’m Alice, Italian teacher, translator, and mom. I graduated in Asian Language and Culture. I taught in China and I fell in love with Asia and everything about it: art, history, and culture. When I returned to Italy I got my DITALS certification. I love my job because it allows me to show others my country and cultures. I can’t wait to meet you at school. See you soon!


Hi I’m Pietro. I graduated in Foreign Language and Literature and in 2015 I obtained my Master’s in Teaching Italian L2. I love my language and my passion is traveling and participating in cultural exchanges.


Hi, my name is Giulia. I graduated in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology and no I am attending a Master’s in Teaching Italian L2 at the University of Urbino. My passion for travel and foreign cultures has taken me around the world. Because I also love the theater I often bring my students of Italian on stage to teach them the language via the fascinating works of Italian culture. Are you ready?


Hi, I’m Emanuele, an eclectic guy that loves to try different artistic experiences; I’m often able to communicate knowledge and emotions originally and successfully on stage. Since I was a child I have studied acting and have not given up my on stage life or my artistic live in general. Thus, after graduating from the Scientific High School, I study film engineering and mass media at the Polytechnic University of Torino.