PLIDA Certification Course


(15 ORE): 280 €

The course will take place from January to November

The PLIDA certificate is an official diploma issued by the Dante Alighieri Society by a formal agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (n. 1903 of Nov. 4, 1993). The PLIDA certificate attests competence in Italian as a foreign language according to a scale of six levels, corresponding to six phases in the progression of learning. The levels advance from A1 to C2 in progression of difficulty and correspond to the levels established by the Council of Europe.

Beginning italian Plida A1 = A1 (level of contact)
Plida A2 = A2 (level of survival)
Fundamental italian Plida B1 = B1 (level of threshold)
Plida B2 = B2 (level of progress)
Professional italian Plida C1 = C1 (level of proficiency
Plida C2 = C2 (level of master)

Structure of the examination

Each level consists of four Tests that assess language competence in the four skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking. The time allocated to complete the whole examination runs from a minimum of 90 minutes (for the first level) to a maximum of 210 minutes (for the sixth level).

Skill Listening Reading Speaking Writing TOTAL
Plida A1 20′ 30′ 10′ 30′ max 90 minutes
Plida A2 20′ 30′ 10′ 40′ max 100 minutes
Plida B1 20′ 30′ 10′ 50′ max 110 minutes
Plida B2 20′ 30′ 10′ 50′ max 110 minutes
Plida C1 20′ 35′ 15′ 70′ max 140 minutes
Plida C2 30′ 45′ 15′ 120′ max 210 minutes

Choosing levels

To register for an examination, it is not necessary to have passed the previous levels. Each candidate chooses the level of Italian for which he thinks he is qualified, and can enter for more than one level at the same time if he wishes.

Expiring date

-session of May:
 students must register before April 30th for the session of May.

-session of November:
 students must register before October 31th for the session of November.

Visit the website of Dante Alighieri where you will find mock tests and  the syllabus.